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The Beginning

I’ve been in the Tours information and sightseeing industry for 15 years, but I always wanted to do something different. That’s why three years ago we created this project – so that your experience could be more accessible online than just at our locations!

Making it easy for you

Touring around in Miami is easy with everything being so close together. You can catch a boat ride at the Bayside Marketplace to get an idea of what Miami is like from the water. Or you can take a jest ski trip out into the ocean for some fun in the sun, which will give you great views of the coastline! Finally, just walking around and exploring Miami on foot is an option that many people enjoy.

Why choosing us

There are numerous reasons why you should at least consider hiring our services.

First of all, it’s BECAUSE WE KNOW MIAMI LIKE THE BACK OF OUR HAND! And how is that? Well, we’re a local tour company who know every tour operator provider and we always ensure you have 100 % satisfaction on your vacation.


We are a group of friends giving you the best of ourself

We love our job, we love to satisfy people with what they want. We keep doing the tours as much as we can, as much as it is necessary to be well known as experts in this field. Since now on we do all year round tours.

Me, they, Co-worker

I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for a while now. Working with different business sectors gives you so much knowledge and experience, strengthening your coworkers friendships while putting all that skill on my online project!