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Local Tours

Visitors to Miami, Florida have a lot of options when it comes to activities and sights to see. They can choose from boat rides, Miami sightseeing tours, jet ski rental and water fun, or even just going on a simple sightseeing tour.


Looking for some fun for the day? Check out our rentals! We’ve got water crafts and gear you need to get out on the water in no time. If you’re looking for a more relaxed time, we have jet ski rental and scooter rental, too!


The Miami Events Calendar is always exciting and new. Whether you’re looking to party on the water, play in one of our many theme parks or take an adventure trip to Bahamas or Key West; we’ve got it all!


Bayride Sightseeing Boat Tour

From: $26.00

Everglades Tour

From: $55.00

Miami City Tour

From: $45.00

Key West Tour

From: $79.00


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